This repository contains the raw data, code, and citations used to create a dataset of state-imposed local government debt limitations and referendum requirements.
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This replication package contains the Stata code and raw spreadsheets needed to create the state-level local debt limitation and referendum dataset utilized in Goodman (2018) and Goodman and Leland (2018).

Contents of /code/

Run the following do-files to create the state-level extracts. You will need to change the ${home} directory in these do-files to match your directory setup. The running the code will update and replace the contents of the /exports/ and /release/ folders.

  1. - creates a state-level dataset of local debt limits
  2. - creates a state-level dataset of local bond referenda requirements

Contents of /rawdata/

These are the spreadsheets called by the do-files above:

  • localdebtlimit_changes.xlsx - changes in local debt limits
  • localdebtref_changes.xlsx - changes in local bond referenda requirements
  • crosswalk.xlsx - state fips codes, census codes, names, and abbreviations

Source material

Full legal citations for all included data can be found on the wiki at the top of this page.


Please report any bugs or errors here.