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Code for Kaggle and Impermium's insult detection competition

How to run

Thanks to Abhay Deshmukh for showing me that the original instructions needed to be improved.

The code lives in the Insults directory next to this readme. You need the Anaconda Python distribution to run it in the way that I recommend. I use Linux and MacOSX, which have all the necessary command-line tools. If you are on Windows, you will have to adapt the instructions to make sense for your environment.

cd insults

To run we need. Python 2.7.3 + scikit-learn 0.13-git + ml_metrics 0.1.1 + pandas 0.8.1 + futures 2.2.0 (+ matplotlib 1.2.1 for plotting) Create a conda env with everything except ml-metrics

conda create -n insults pandas=0.8.1 scikit-learn=0.13.1 matplotlib=1.2.1 futures=2.2.0 source activate insults conda install setuptools Add in ml-metrics

git clone cd ml-metrics-patched/ python install cd ..

Run the code python --competition

Monitor results (in a separate shell)

cd $INSULTS_DIR tail -f Logs/final.log (Ctrl-C to quit when python finishes)


Code for the Kaggle insult competition



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