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CBSD Project

Copyright (c) 2013-2024, The CBSD Development Team



Yet one more wrapper around jail, Xen and bhyve for FreeBSD.

demo demo


Quick start:

For installation and usage see:


Tested with following OSes and distribution:

  • FreeBSD 14.0+
  • HardenedBSD
  • DragonFly BSD



  • Provide FreeBSD users easy management for virtual environments
  • Show features of FreeBSD as a Cloud-hosting platform;
  • Environment deployment automation;
  • Creation of (your own/personal) application platform with services on demand (PaaS);
  • Environment (Image) library for rapid provisioning;



Pool-bindend clustering demo:

Multi-DC VPC/vxlan-based articles:

Stargazers over time

Stargazers over time


  • Fork me on GitHub:
  • Switch to 'develop' branch
  • Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Added some feature')
  • Push to the branch (git push)
  • Create new Pull Request

Installing development version

a) First install the required dependencies:

pkg install sudo libssh2 rsync sqlite3 git pkgconf

b) get the latest version of CBSD:

git clone /usr/local/cbsd

c) create a CBSD user:

pw useradd cbsd -s /bin/sh -d /nonexistent -c "cbsd user"

d) create links of the rc.d scripts to start CBSD at system startup and create link to bsdconfig module:

cd /usr/local/etc/rc.d
ln -s /usr/local/cbsd/rc.d/cbsdd
ln -s /usr/local/cbsd/rc.d/cbsdrsyncd
mkdir -p /usr/local/libexec/bsdconfig
ln -s /usr/local/cbsd/share/bsdconfig/cbsd /usr/local/libexec/bsdconfig/cbsd

e) Follow 'initial setup' section as usual:

env workdir=/usr/jails /usr/local/cbsd/sudoexec/initenv

Notes: when you run the initenv script, all binaries and components will be compiled and installed.


Code Contributors

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. See the contributors list.

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