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Git In The Trenches (GITT)

This page is primarily for planning the chapters of GITT

Chapter Summary

  1. Introduction to Git and VCS in general
    • After hours section on the history of Git and version control
  2. Introduce git add, git commit, basic use of git reset and git status
    • After hours section on how the objects are actually stored + diagrams
  3. Introduce git log, git diff, git tag
    • After hours section on how diff algorithms work
  4. Introduce branching, merging from branches
    • After hours section on merge algorithms (octopus etc)
  5. Introduce GUI git gui, gitk
    • After hours section on commits
  6. Introcude stashes, backups and cloning, remote tracking, pull, push, fetch
    • After hours over the history of version control
  7. Take a deeper look into remote features

Other topics that are to be included

git svn, web access, gitolite