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The API is providing information about EOSIO blockchain accounts and token balances. It is deployed for several blockchains, such as EOS, Telos, BOS, WAX, and Europechain. Also an endpoints for a number of testnets are available.


In below examples, "CHAIN" stands for the name of the network where API is taking the data (such as eos, telos, wax etc.).

  • http://apihost.domain/api/networks lists all known networks and their information.

  • Retrieve all token balances, resources and authorization information for an account: http://apihost.domain/api/account/CHAIN/ACCOUNT

  • Retrieve only token balances for an account: http://apihost.domain/api/balances/CHAIN/ACCOUNT

  • Retrieve all account information except token balances: http://apihost.domain/api/accinfo/CHAIN/ACCOUNT

  • Retrieve REX balances (fund, maturing, matured) for an account: http://apihost.domain/api/rexbalance/CHAIN/ACCOUNT

  • Retrieve raw REX information for an account (to perform calculations on the client side): http://apihost.domain/api/rexraw/CHAIN/ACCOUNT

  • Retrieve all accounts in all known EOSIO networks dependent on a public key (only up to 100 accounts are returned), including accounts with recursive permissions: http://apihost.domain/api/key/KEY

  • http://apihost.domain/api/tokenbalance/CHAIN/ACCOUNT/CONTRACT/TOKEN returns a plain text with numeric output indicating the token balance. Zero is returned if the token is not present or does not exist.

  • http://apihost.domain/api/topholders/CHAIN/CONTRACT/TOKEN/NUM returns top NUM holders of a specified token in a JSON array containing arrays of (account, amount) pairs. NUM must not be less than 10 or more than 1000.

  • http://apihost.domain/api/holdercount/CHAIN/CONTRACT/TOKEN returns the total count of token holders as plain text. The result is "0" if the token does not exist.

  • http://apihost.domain/api/usercount/CHAIN returns a plain text with total number of accounts in the network.

  • http://apihost.domain/api/topram/CHAIN/NUM returns top NUM RAM buyers in a JSON array containing arrays of (account, bytes) pairs. NUM must not be less than 10 or more than 1000.

  • http://apihost.domain/api/topstake/CHAIN/NUM returns top NUM stake holders by sum of CPU and Net stakes, in a JSON array containing arrays of (account, cpu_weight, net_weight) tuples. NUM must not be less than 10 or more than 1000.

  • http://apihost.domain/api/codehash/SHA256 retrieves all accounts in all known networks by contract hash.

  • http://apihost.domain/api/sync/CHAIN returns a plain text with delay in seconds that this server's blockchain database is behind the real time, and a status: OK if the delay is within 180 seconds, or 'OUT_OF_SYNC' otherwise.

  • http://apihost.domain/api/status returns a plain text with either 'OK' or 'OUT_OF_SYNC' indicating the overall health of the API host. If any of networks experience delay higher than 3 minutes, the returned status is 'OUT_OF_SYNC', and HTTP status code is 503.

In addition, adding ?pretty=1 to the URL, you get the resulting JSON sorted and formatted for human viewing.

Websocket API

Websocket API is complimentary to HTTP API and is designed for bulk requests. All communication is compliant with JSON-RPC version 2.0.

The client is expected to close the websoclet connection after it finishes using it. The server sends periodic websocket ping requests and terminates the connection if the client fails to respond.

Bulk methods get_accounts_from_keys and get_balances require a parameter reqid. The requests return immediately, and the API starts sending RPC notifications. Each notification has the following fields:

  • method: the original RPC method that caused the notification;

  • reqid: the same value as was passed in reqid when calling the request;

  • data: row of data according to request. It is omitted when end is true;

  • end: if present and is true, this is the last notification for this reqid. Additional fields status and error are delivered to indicate the success of operation.

  • status: only present in the end notification. Value 200 indicates success, and 500 indicates an error.

  • error: only present in the end notification. In case of success, this field is set to null, and contains an error message otherwise.

Notifications are sent asynchronously, and if multiple requests are being served, the order of interleaving is random. But within each reqid the order of messages is guaranteed to have end message as the last one.

Methods that return token balances deliver the amounts as strings with exact number of decimals as specified in the token contract.

RPC methods:

  • get_networks does not require any parameters, and returns a map of network name as key and a map of network, chainid, description, systoken, decimals, production as value.

  • get_accounts_from_keys requires the following parameters: reqid, network, keys (array of public keys to search for, up to 100 keys). The method generates notifications with account_name, perm, weight, pubkey in data field. Both legacy and new format of keys are supported.

  • get_balances requires the following parameters: reqid, network, accounts (array of account names, up to 100 accounts). The method generates notifications with account, balances in the data field, where balances are in an array of maps with contract, currency, amount keys.

  • get_token_holders requires the following parameters: reqid, network, contract and currency. The method generates notifications with account, amount in the data field, returning all token holders and their balances.

User support

User discussion and support in Telegram:

Public endpoints

A list of public API endpoints is served by IPFS, and available with the following link:

Project sponsors


The database writer process ( is a consumer for Chronicle data feed, and it writes the blockchain information in real time into the local MariaDB database.

sudo apt-get install git make cpanminus gcc g++ mariadb-server \
libmysqlclient-dev libdbi-perl libjson-xs-perl libjson-perl libdatetime-format-iso8601-perl

sudo cpanm DBD::MariaDB
sudo cpanm Starman
sudo cpanm Net::WebSocket::Server
sudo cpanm Crypt::Digest::RIPEMD160;

git clone /opt/eosio_light_api
cd /opt/eosio_light_api

sudo mysql <sql/lightapi_dbcreate.sql
sh setup/

curl -sL | bash -
apt install -y nodejs
cd /opt/eosio_light_api/wsapi
npm install

vi /etc/default/lightapi_eos
# add the Chronicle consumer socket details:
# DBWRITE_OPTS=--port=8100

# Optionally, edit /etc/default/lightapi_api and adjust variables
# that are predefined in systemd/lightapi_api.service

cd systemd
sh eos
sh 5101 5102 5103 5104 5105

# Now Starman is serving HTTP requests and you can build your HTTP service
# with nginx or exposing Starman directly

# Cron job for token holder counts
cat >/etc/cron.d/lightapi <<'EOT'
*/5 * * * * root perl /opt/eosio_light_api/scripts/

Public database access

A replica of LightAPI databases is provided by EOS Amsterdam for public access. The goal is to allow queries which are not implemented by the API. There is no SLA, and the service is offered at best effort. You can query the SYNC table to see if the data is up to date.

Access to the database is throttled on the network level for the sake of fair use.

The database schema is available in sql/lightapi_dbcreate.sql.

mysql --port=3301 --user=lightapiro \
  --password=lightapiro --database=lightapi

Query examples:

select * from wax_CURRENCY_BAL where account_name = 'cc32dninexxx';

select * from wax_CURRENCY_BAL where contract='eosio.token' and currency='WAX' and amount > 500000;

select count(*) from wax_USERRES where account_name like '%.wam';

Copyright and License

Copyright 2018-2021

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

Donations and paid service

ETH address: 0x7137bfe007B15F05d3BF7819d28419EAFCD6501E

EOS account: cc32dninexxx


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