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Reporting bugs

Bug reports and feature requests for 4chan X are tracked at

You can submit a bug report / feature request via your Github account.

If you're reporting a bug, the more detail you can give, the better. If I can't reproduce your bug, I probably won't be able to fix it. You can help by doing the following:

  1. Include precise steps to reproduce the problem, with the expected and actual results.
  2. Make sure your browser, 4chan X, and userscript manager (e.g. Greasemonkey, ViolentMoney, or Tampermonkey) are up to date. Include the versions you're using in bug reports.
  3. Open your console with Shift+Control+J (⇧⌘J on OS X Firefox, ⌘⌥J on OS X Chromium), and look for error messages, especially ones that occur at the same time as the bug. Include these in your bug report. If you're using Firefox, be sure to check the browser console (Shift+Control+J), not just the web console (Shift+Control+K) as errors may not show up in the latter. Messages about "Content Security Policy" are expected and can be ignored.
  4. If other people (including me) aren't having your problem, test whether it happens in a fresh profile. Here are instructions for Firefox and Chromium.
  5. Please mention any other extensions / scripts you are using. To check if a bug is due to a conflict with another extension, temporarily disable any other extensions and userscripts. If the bug goes away, turn them back on one by one until you find the one causing the problem.
  6. To test if the bug occurs under the default settings or only with specific settings, back up your settings and reset them using the Export and Reset Settings links in the settings panel. If the bug only occurs under specific settings, upload your exported settings to a site like, and link to it in your bug report. If your settings contains sensitive information (e.g. personas), edit the text file manually.
  7. Test if the bug occurs using the native extension with 4chan X disabled. If it does, it's likely a problem with 4chan or your browser rather than with 4chan X.

Development & Contribution

Get started

  • Install git, node.js, npm (usually distributed with node), and GNU Make (on Windows, the MinGW port will work, and the GnuWin port has been reported to work as well).
  • Clone 4chan X: git clone
    (If this is taking too long, you can add --depth 100 to fetch only recent history.)
  • Open the directory: cd 4chan-x
  • Fetch needed dependencies with: npm install


  • Build with make.


  • 4chan X is mostly written in CoffeeScript. If you're already familiar with Javascript, it doesn't take long to pick up.
  • Edit the sources in the src/ directory (not the compiled scripts in builds/).
  • Fetch needed dependencies with: npm install
  • Compile the script with: make
  • Install the compiled script (found in the testbuilds/ directory), and test your changes.
  • Make sure you have set your name and email as you want them, as they will be published in your commit message:
    git config yourname
    git config youremail
  • Commit your changes: git commit -a
  • Open a pull request by doing any of the following:
    • Fork this repository on Github, push your changes to your fork, and make a pull request through the Github website.
    • Push your changes to any online Git repository, and send an email with an explanation of your changes and the URL, branch, and commit you want me to pull from.
    • Export your changes via git bundle (e.g. git bundle create file.bundle master..your-branch), and upload them to a file host. Then send an email with an explanation of your changes and the URL of the file.

Pull requests to archive.json should be sent upstream: 4chan X updates from there automatically.

More info

Further documentation is available at