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Covid19CanadaData: Download Canadian COVID-19 Data

The goal of Covid19CanadaData is to facilitate the acquisition of Canadian COVID-19 data from the following sources:

Covid19CanadaData is part of Covid19CanadaETL, which is used to assemble the Covid19Canada dataset from the COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group. It is also used in the Timeline of COVID-19 in Canada, one component of the What Happened? COVID-19 in Canada project.

As a basic toolbox for accessing the COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group dataset, this package is a dependency for several interrelated projects, including Covid19CanadaDashboard.


You can install the development version of Covid19CanadaData from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Note that for webpages requiring JavaScript to render their contents, Docker must be installed the Docker daemon must be running and available. See install instructions for Docker Desktop on Windows and Mac. On Linux, rootless Docker should be installed by running the below command and following the instructions:

curl -sSL | sh

On Windows, a Python installation with the packages docker and pypiwin32 and the R package reticulate are further required; see here for more details.

Citing this package

A citation for Covid19CanadaData may be generated by running citation("Covid19CanadaData").


Live Canadian COVID-19 datasets

Below are some example commands for downloading the live versions of data catalogued in the Canadian COVID-19 Data Archive. Datasets are referenced using the UUID from datasets.json in Covid19CanadaArchive.

# download live versions of datasets catalogued in the Canadian COVID-19 Data Archive

## get PHAC epidemiology update CSV

## get Saskatchewan total cases CSV

Archived Canadian COVID-19 datasets

# load most recent archived Saskatchewan total cases CSV
# and current live version into R
# returns a list of data frames named according to date
  uuid = "61cfdd06-7749-4ae6-9975-d8b4f10d5651",
  date = "latest", # latest archived version
  add_live = TRUE # load live version of dataset

# download BC Regional Health Authority cumulative summary JSON files
# from December 2021 to a folder on desktop
# does not load data into R
  uuid = "91367e1d-8b79-422c-b314-9b3441ba4f42",
  after = "2021-12-01",
  before = "2021-12-31",
  path = "~/Desktop/bc_files"

COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group dataset

Below are some example commands for downloading data from the COVID-19 Canada Open Data Working Group dataset:

# download Covid-19 Canada Open Data Working Group data

## get case time series for Toronto during the first half of March 2020
dl_ccodwg("timeseries", "cases", loc = 3595, after = "2020-03-01", before = "2020-03-15")

## get most recent Canada-wide summary
dl_ccodwg("summary", loc = "canada")

## get list of province names and population values
dl_ccodwg("other", "prov")

## get date the CCODWG dataset was last updated