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This repository has been archived by the owner on Oct 27, 2018. It is now read-only.

Releases: ccrisan/motionpie


20 Jul 19:58
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What's new:

  • add camera dialog has been rewritten to avoid confusions
  • raspberrypi: added libarmmem for faster memcpy/memove
  • raspberrypi(2): Fast Network Camera performance improvements
  • raspberrypi(2): added i2c-tools and rpi.gpio packages
  • this is the first version that officially supports the Odroid C1 board
  • fixed various UI bugs


21 Jun 18:38
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20150621 Pre-release

What's new:

  • Raspberry PI: added Fast Network Camera support
  • Raspberry PI: added Pi2 overclock preset
  • Banana PI: upgraded to kernel 4.0
  • Cubietruck: added Realtek 8192cu driver (used by Edimax 7811Un)
  • the UI should look slightly better on iOS


02 Jun 14:04
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What's new:

  • fixed USB keyboard issues with Raspberry PI2
  • fixed issues with special characters in camera device path (e.g. Microsoft (R) Lifecam 3000)
  • fixed an issue where old media files weren't removed
  • fixed broken SSH login when admin password has spaces
  • added a motion keepalive expert option to detect motion daemon hangs

If you experience authentication problems with the web UI, clear your browser's cache.


24 May 18:17
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What's new:

  • added a maximum motion movie length setting
  • included Mr Dave's motion fork (activable by setting motion binary to /usr/bin/motion-mrdave)
  • added an advanced setting to allow upgrading to prerelease versions


16 May 19:40
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20150516 Pre-release

What's new:

  • a small, but sensible framerate improvement in the web UI
  • video devices are now identified by their persistent path, thus avoiding random reordering at each boot
  • added support for simple MJPEG cameras (improved performance, no motion detection, just plain video streaming)
  • this is the first version that supports the Cubietruck board
  • switched to glibc (from uclibc)
  • boot.log and dmesg.log files can now be downloaded from the Expert Settings section
  • added cron support


31 Mar 17:49
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What's new:

  • IP camera-related fixes
  • mjpeg streaming: authentication method is now configurable (it can be set to either disabled, basic or digest)
  • added support for downloading logs (for debugging purposes)
  • improved network share (NAS) compatibility
  • added support for more camera sensors (ov* series and others)
  • added (firmware) support for more wifi dongles

Automatic Update Note

The automatic update mechanism will probably not work due to a SSL certificate checking issue. If you want to use the update function, you'll need to manually patch a file on your sd card:

  1. log in using SSH or putty (see shell access)
  2. remount the filesystem read-write: mount -o remount,rw /
  3. edit the problematic file: nano /programs/motioneye/src/
  4. add the following line at the beginning of the file: import ssl; ssl._create_default_https_context = ssl._create_unverified_context
  5. save and exit: Ctrl+O, Enter, Ctrl+X
  6. run the reboot command
  7. when your motionPie gets back, the update function should work just fine


17 Mar 19:26
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What's new:

  • minor fixes (motion-mmal, update mechanism)


15 Mar 19:22
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20150315 Pre-release

What's new:

  • many timelapse fixes
  • added support for wireless networks with empty password (key)
  • added support for extra motion options
  • implemented backing up and restoring settings
  • added a debug expert option that increases logging verbosity and makes partitions writable
  • merged with latest buildroot version


28 Feb 19:51
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20150228 Pre-release

What's new:

  • various fields in the settings panel are now validated and stripped of unwanted whitespace
  • v4l2-ctl command is now killed if it hangs due to a buggy v4l2 driver
  • added support for video streaming authentication (using surveillance credentials, if present)
  • sections in the settings panel are now minimizable (and minimized by default), for a cleaner overview
  • added support for various "expert" settings, thus making script obsolete


15 Feb 16:03
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What's new:

  • Raspberry PI: reduced CPU overclock to 800
  • various input entries in the settings panel are now automatically stripped of spaces
  • the root directory can no longer be the root of the filesystem