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motionPie has been renamed to motionEyeOS and lives now at

The reasons for renaming the project include:

  • preventing the missassociation with the Raspberry PI (motionEyeOS now supports 5 different boards)
  • avoiding name confusions generated by all the projects built around motion
  • pointing out that this is an operating system based on and built especially for motionEye
  • the name motionPie simply sucks

The last motionPie version is 20150719 while the first motionEyeOS version is 20151011. The versioning conventions as well as the release and update procedures remain the same.

Updating from motionPie to motionEyeOS however cannot be done automatically - it requires manual downloading and writing of the new image to your SD card, from scratch. The main reasons behind this choice are the new partition layout, the backwards-incompatible motionEye configuration changes and the new download URL.

All the wiki pages have been updated accordingly.