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Crypt befallen by bad actors, will recover!

Apologies for unethical behavior

First let me say that I had no idea any of this was happening. I'm releasing this info to benefit all current and potential investors. I do not want to go down with Crypt.

  • There was a hidden block written in with more than the total coin volume. This is block 38400. The developer released this info to me while trying to reel me into his scheme.
  • There were some bribes going on behind the scenes with the exchange. A small portion of one of the bribes in action between a btc-e mod and admin can be seen here
  • We have additional info on our bitcointalk thread. This may be seen here on bitcointalk.

Mindfox has left development because of these discoveries. Anon development has therefore been suspended indefinitely

I hope the community can move past these bad actors and this doesn't mean the end for the coin!

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