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package go_koans
func aboutSlices() {
fruits := []string{"apple", "orange", "mango"}
assert(fruits[0] == __string__) // slices seem like arrays
assert(len(fruits) == __int__) // in nearly all respects
tasty_fruits := fruits[1:3] // we can even slice slices
assert(tasty_fruits[0] == __string__) // slices of slices also share the underlying data
pregnancy_slots := []string{"baby", "baby", "lemon"}
assert(cap(pregnancy_slots) == __int__) // the capacity is initially the length
pregnancy_slots = append(pregnancy_slots, "baby!")
assert(len(pregnancy_slots) == __int__) // slices can be extended with append(), much like realloc in C
assert(cap(pregnancy_slots) == __int__) // but with better optimizations
pregnancy_slots = append(pregnancy_slots, "another baby!?", "yet another, oh dear!", "they must be Catholic")
assert(len(pregnancy_slots) == __int__) // append() can take N arguments to append to the slice
assert(cap(pregnancy_slots) == __int__) // the capacity optimizations have a guessable algorithm
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