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An open source Chrome Extension for Unmark
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Hey There

Here is our code for Unmark's Chrome extension. Feel free to use it. Below are a few instructions on how to customize it to work with your domain.

Chrome Extensions Tutorial

Not familiar with how to create Chrome extensions? Click here to read the documentation.

Using your own host

If you want to simply change the endpoint for this extension it's pretty simple.

  • Open manifest.json and find the block that looks like:
"permissions": [

Change the last line to match your site.

  • Open js/unmark/base.js and change line 2 to point to the correct endpoint. = '';
  • Save

Loading your version in Chrome

Now you should be able to load the unpacked extension locally and test. To do that simply follow these instructions:

  • Go To chrome://extensions in Chrome.
  • Check the Developer Mode checkbox.
  • Click the button that says Load unpacked extension....
  • Choose the location of your code.

Shipping your version

When you are ready to ship, just choose the Pack extension... button and follow the instructions.

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