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Below is a bunch of documenation for Unmark.



Migrations & Installation

At this time we require your table types to be set to InnoDB. We make use of foreign keys and cascading throughout the app.

You do not have to worry about table type for migrations table as we skip this check as it's just used to track migrations.

NOTE: We currently do not support the db_prefix setting in CodeIgniter's database configs. We have a feature request for this and will be updating the application to support this. Also migrations use a full datetime prefix for filenames to avoid collisions with core OS version and custom versions. That being said 32-bit systems are not supported at this time. We are looking into another option but at this time you will have to use a 64-bit system or update migrations manually to revert back to sequential ordering.


Every view whether a web view, internal XMLHttpRequest request or API call returns the same exact data, just the format changes. Web view returns an array of data just like CodeIgniter wants so it can be turned into PHP variables. The other two will always return a JSON object. The application knows what type of data to return based on the request. All the URLs to access said data stay the same no matter what of response type you require. More information on the logic of how this is accomplished at the data returned per view can be found below.

Error Codes

The application comes with standard error codes for main actions. Supplementary actions like updating user information, resetting your password, etc also use a specific error reporting logic. Click the link below to read about both.

The Guts

For those of you who have a thirst for information, feel free to click on the links below if you want to know more about what the application does at the code level. Below are links to controllers, models, libraries, etc. All with in-depth documentation on what there is and the requirements to use it. Enjoy.





Custom Development

If you want to extend Unmark, please don't update the core code. It will make merging our updates into your application a complete pain. Please follow this guide to extend your custom application.

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