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Data Science Career Resources

Compilation of resources and insights that helped me on my journey to data scientist. Reposted for readability:

The Big List of Data Science Interview Resources


Data science can seem like an intimidating field to get into. I know this first hand. Throughout my journey, I've learned a lot. I've also documented a lot. Through this process, I’ve accumulated a bunch of useful resources that helped me with learning new concepts, doing impactful work, interviewing at top tech companies, and more. This repo is an attempt to ‘open-source’ my experience and insights becoming a data scientist. Enjoy! For more on me and what I'm up to, you can head over to my website.

Data Science Interview Resources

With this by your side, you should have more than enough material at your disposal the next time you’re prepping for a big interview or suring up fundamental concepts. Being updated and improved on constantly.

Data Science and Software Engineering Intern Roles

This list is a compilation of over 200+ undergraduate intern roles from Summer 2018 that were explicitly centered around data science and software engineering. You can use this as a jumping off point for your next job search.

Compilation of Advice for New and Aspiring Data Scientists

This post was designed to make it a little easier for aspiring data scientists to find all of the excellent advice out there from experts in the field. The majority of the ideas are condensed from 6 posts that I found especially helpful.

5 Lessons from a Data Science Intern at a Tech Unicorn

A reflection of lessons and advice from my time at a Data Science Intern working at Unity Technologies in San Francisco, CA. My goal is to share a handful of actionable lessons, takeaways, thoughts, and advice from the memorable experience.

5 Resources to Inspire Your Next Data Science Project

Have you ever wanted to start a new project but you can’t decide what to do? First, you spend a couple hours brainstorming ideas. Then days. Before you know it, weeks have gone by without shipping anything new. In this post, my intention is provide some useful resources to springboard you into your next data science project.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Machine Learning in Python

Learn how to implement 8 fundamental machine learning algorithms in Python over the course of 8 minutes or less by leveraging the power of scikit-learn and Python for data science.

Python for Data Science: 8 Concepts You May Have Forgotten

If you’ve ever found yourself looking up the same question, concept, or syntax over and over again when programming, you’re not alone. Here’s the stuff that I’m always forgetting when working with Python, NumPy, and Pandas.

13 Essential Newsletters for Data Scientists

Think of your newsletter subscriptions as an elite force of smart, specialized people working to bring you the latest and most valuable information well worth your time. Data science moves fast, you should too.

An Ode to the Type A Data Scientist

Data science isn't entirely about machine learning. Here I make the argument for the value provided by skills and actions associated with the often overlooked and under-appreciated, Type A Data Scientist.

When Your Job Is Done as a Data Scientist

As Data Scientists, there is very little that is black and white. We do our work in a world of grey. We need to do a better job of consistently reminding ourselves that our primary focus should be to drive impact.

The Edge You Need at Your Next Interview

This post is designed to help you achieve an edge in data science interviews by laying out a multi-step system to product knowledge and ideation that I’ve used with a lot of success.


Compilation of resources and insights that helped me on my journey to data scientist




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