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Shadershop is an interface for programming GPU shaders in the mode of a direct manipulation image editor like Photoshop. It is an experiment in leveraging the programmer’s spatial reasoning the way that coding today leverages the programmer’s symbolic reasoning.


Keyboard Commands

  • Ctrl-R to reset. Shadershop will auto-save.
  • Ctrl-1 through Ctrl-4 to load examples from the videos.
  • Shift-click will also work to select multiple functions.

Build Instructions

Install node.js and coffeescript.

Run npm install in this directory to install the development dependencies.

Run coffee to build. It will compile the files in src into compiled/app.js and compiled/app.css. It will also automatically watch for changes in src files and recompile as necessary.

Now just open index.html. You can also open dev.html which uses the development version of React and will give you better console warnings.