irssi-xmpp is an irssi plugin to connect to the Jabber network.
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irssi-xmpp is an irssi plugin to connect to the XMPP network (jabber).

Its main features are:

  • Sending and receiving messages in irssi's query windows
  • A roster with contact & resource tracking (contact list)
  • Contact management (add, remove, manage subscriptions)
  • MUC (Multi-User Chat)
  • Tab completion of commands, JIDs and resources
  • Message Events ("composing")
  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Unicode support (UTF-8)
  • StartTLS, SSL (deprecated) and HTTP proxy support
  • ...

To deal with the XMPP protocol, it uses of the Loudmouth library. Written in C and released under the GNU General Public License version 2.




  • edit the file if needed and export this environment variable: $ export IRSSI_INCLUDE=/path/to/irssi/sources
  • build the sources: $ make
  • install the module:
    • in your home directory: $ make user-install
    • in the base system: # make install


  • Debian/Ubuntu package: apt-get install irssi-plugin-xmpp (more info)
  • OpenBSD port: pkg_add irssi-xmpp (more info)
  • FreeBSD port: pkg_add -r irssi-xmpp (more info)
  • MacOS Homebrew: brew install simmel/irssi/irssi-xmpp (more info)
  • and in many package repository of Linux distributions...


In the directory docs/:

  • STARTUP: Getting started
  • GENERAL: How to use irssi-xmpp and related commands
  • MUC: How to use Multi-User Chat and related commands
  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting
  • XEP: XMPP Extensions supported
  • INTERNAL: How irssi-xmpp works

In the directory help/ you can find the help files of each irssi-xmpp specific commands, which can be viewed in irssi with the command /HELP.

Bugs and suggestions

If irssi crashes, please build irssi with debug symbols and the module irssi-xmpp in debug mode (take a look at to activate it). Then you can run irssi in gdb and print the backtrace ("bt full") when irssi crashes. Paste the backtrace in your message would help to fix this bug.