This is a copy of the daily dump of catalogue and ATF data from the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (
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CDLI Daily Bulk Data Dump

The repository contains a daily dump of all public catalogue and text data from the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative.


Text Data

The CDLI transliterations dump is offered in plain text UTF-8 ATF format. For more information about ATF, visit : (Scroll down for an example).

Catalogue data

The catalogue is offered in a UTF-8 comma separated format. Most fields are thoroughly explained here:
Our data schema is currently being remodeled, get in touch if you would like a sneak peak!

To view a sample of the catalogue, you can use the head command on a Unix machine using this syntax, while you are in the directory where the file is stored:

head cdli_catalogue_1of2.csv

With Windows Power Shell, try

Get-Content *filename* -Head *n*

Files reconstitution

The catalogue file is split in two because of file size limitations at Github. To merge the catalogue files into one, use:

cat cdli_catalogue_1of2.csv cdli_catalogue_2of2.csv > cdli_catalogue.csv

in the Unix command line. Under windows, try:

copy cdli_catalogue_1of2.csv+cdli_catalogue_2of2.csv cdli_catalogue.csv

Before October 18 2017, the catalogue and transliterations were provided in .zip format.