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Call Analytics Solution for Freeswitch, Asterisk, Kamailio and other VoIP Switches


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CDR-Stats is an open source CDR (Call Detail Record) mediation rating, analysis and reporting application for Freeswitch, Asterisk, Kamailio and other types of proprietary VoIP Switch including Sipwise and Veraz. Other types of switch could be added in the future such as Cisco and Alcatel-Lucent.

It allows you to mediate, rate and interrogate your CDR to provide reports and statistics via a simple to use, yet powerful, web interface.

It is based on the Django Python Framework, Celery, Gevent, PostgreSQL and InfluxDB.


  • Telecommunications CDR Mediation to normalise CDR into the same format for rating.
  • Telecoms call rating to put a cost against each call.
  • Highly scalable design to maintain high performance when analysing large quantities of data.
  • Single and Multi-server architectures to allow reporting on many millions of calls from multiple call data sources.
  • Browser Responsive - The pages resize to suit any browsing device so CDR-Stats can be managed from a phone browser, tablet or computer.
  • Alarms – Custom alarm triggers can be set for a range of conditions including average length of calls, failed calls, and unexpected destinations called.
  • Realtime Reporting of calls in progress on supported platforms.
  • Fraud detection - Using graphical tools helps spot patterns which may indicate suspicious or fraudulent activity.
  • Multi-tenant System that allows CDR from multiple sources or CDR assigned to customers on the basis of account-code.


  • User UI:
    http://localhost:8008/ This application provide Reports, CDR Viewing, CDR reporting, Dashboard. Users can login and see their CDR only.

  • Admin UI:
    http://localhost:8008/admin/ This interface provides user (ACL) management, assignation of accountcode, also basic CRUD functions on the CDR


The full Documentation is hosted on ReadtheDocs:

A Beginner's Guide can be found at:


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Coding Conventions

This project is PEP8 compilant and please refer to these sources for the Coding Conventions :

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