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A Python rewrite of FEBOL.jl by Louis Dressel. It aims to also be a general framework for simulating UAV-based localization of a single target. The user can choose from a variety of sensors, filters, and policies (or make his own). The package was created to better interface with reinforcement learning packages created in Python.

Currently provides:

  • particle filter with stratified resampling
  • discrete (histogram) filter
  • bearing only sensor
  • FOV sensor
  • various cost models, incorporating entropy, covariance, distance, etc.
  • a policy class that allows for creation of seeker and target policies
  • a search domain for the seeker and target to live in

Also check out deep-drone-localization for an implementation of DQN that works with multiple inputs, and a gym environment that uses all the stuff from PyFEBOL.


pip install PyFEBOL


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