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Macros for CorelDRAW

The (old) source code of the macros.


  1. cdr-preflight cdr-preflight Public

    A source code of CdrPreflight

    VBA 5 6

  2. quick-export quick-export Public

    A source code of QuickExport

    C# 7 9

  3. dropshadow-docker dropshadow-docker Public

    DropShadowDocker for CorelDRAW

    C# 5 5

  4. gms-code-export gms-code-export Public

    Export your macro's code.

    Visual Basic 10 7

  5. export-to-jpg export-to-jpg Public

    A source code of ExportToJPG macro.

    Visual Basic 8 4

  6. build-and-Install-csharp-macros build-and-Install-csharp-macros Public

    How to build and install C# macros

    4 4


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