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Remove API key from review notes for open-sourcing project

(this key has already been revoked; please don't tell me I accidentally compromised it)
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1 parent 8130d8d commit cb5dfa9ae30758675992cb4c103a82d27240ccd4 @cdzombak committed Mar 11, 2013
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4 AppStore/review-notes.txt
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
When prompted for VM API details on first launch, use the following information:
Server name: anything
-API Hash: bade9514138cdf9c2fd37759762364428216abfc
+API Key: <todo>
+API Hash: <todo>
These credentials will allow you to view and manage a server ( which is provisioned for testing and is not in production. It may be rebooted, etc. at will.

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