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A more sophisticated yii base application to start new projects from
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Base Applicaton for Yii-Applications Project status

This is a base application to start a new project on.

I started developing just now, so it's not yet ready to use.

It aims to be a bit more prepared than the application created by yiic webapp.


  • fork/clone this repository.
  • Download latest yii-framework and extract it somewhere on your disk.
  • create a symlink yii in the the root directory of this application that points to your extracted yii-folder. The framework will be accessed through ./yii/framework/ ln -s <path-to-yii>/ yii
  • create a application runtime directory that is writeable for the webserver mkdir application/runtime chmod go+rwx application/runtime <- this is only quick and dirty, on a production system you should find a user/group-based access control, not a world-writeable directory
  • ...
  • done.
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