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Magnolia CMS × Components, Styling and more : Megaton Edition


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Magnolia CMS "Megaton"

Megaton is a ready-to-use Magnolia-based development environment with a preconfigured web application with a main fullfilled light module and a preconfigured Java module

Why Megaton?

Java Module

  • Language detection (default from browser preferences)
  • 404 page with Freemarker
  • Form optimization
  • Mail servlet
  • Mimetype validator

Light Module

  • Language selector
  • Form optimization
  • Home page + subpages
  • Internal and external redirect support
  • Navigation with configurable number of children
  • Breadcrumbs with Schema
  • Social Networks tags support
  • Search bar + Search results

Components (backend + frontend)

  • List of indexed components (ordering)
  • Section Layout (multi columns / full width)
  • Lazy Media (Image renditions + Video)
  • Google Maps
  • Editorial / Article
  • Carousel (Lazy media + text layer)
  • Cookie Banner


  • Webpack ES5 and ES2017 module
  • ES5 polyfills
  • TypeScript
  • Vue.js - components + store (vuex) + router + i18n
  • PostCSS (fully standard and compatible with current and next CSS API)
  • Eukolía Frontend Library -
  • A CSS Reset + specific bootstrap
  • Form styling
  • Generic configurable styling with CSS variables



  • Anonymous password (public)
  • Add map /home to / (/server/URI2RepositoryMapping/mappings/website)
  • Add map /magnolia to /.magnolia/admincentral (/modules/ui-admincentral/virtualUriMappings/default)
  • Add woff2 mimetype (/server/MIMEMapping/)
  • Set /server/security/userManagers/system@lockTimePeriod to 5(minutes)
  • Set correct compression contentType for SVG image/svg+xml in Magnolia server config (/modules/cache/config/compression/voters/contentType/allowed@2)
  • Set defaultBaseUrl in Magnolia server config (author/public)
  • Enable formProcessors/sendConfirmationEMail@enabled
  • Enable language detection (/server/filters/languageDetection set to true)
  • Set 404 path (/.servlet/NotFoundRedirect/) in web.xml on author & public
  • Add 404 path to module config (/modules/main-module/config@notFoundPagePath)


  • Anonymous role access to required workspaces (public)
  • Admin user (author/public) check workspaces!
  • Visitor user (author/public)
  • Imaging Module (Is /modules/site/config/site/theme set correctly on public?)
  • Does Magnolia Search find pages/assets/news/events etc.
  • Check for yaml errors in Definitions App
  • Add .monitor-this file in home/xyz/xyz directory (Tomcat Monitoring on Mironet. ONLY IF PUBLIC IS NOT PROTECTED)