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Blender exporter for OpenSceneGraph
Python CMake Shell
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Follow instruction from github to get the repository

## Installation (blender 2.5+)

To install last version of the exporter go in user preference, then 'install addons' with the zip from

## Command line usage

`osgexport` needs to inject the path to exporter modules into PYTHONPATH. The injection is done by reading the value of the `BlenderExporter` environment variable (see [](


$ BlenderExporter="/path-to-osgexport/blender-2.5/exporter" blender \
                                                            -b "input.blend" \
                                                            -P "${BlenderExporter}/osg/" \
                                                            -- --output="output.osgt" \
                                                            [--apply-modifiers] [--enable-animation] [--json-materials]

## How to report a bug

Open an [issue]( and send a minimal blender file that produce the problem.

## Tests

To run tests:


mkdir tests && cd tests
cmake ../blender-2.5 -DBLENDER:FILEPATH="/my/path/to/blender" -DTEST=ON
make  # runs test building osgt files for models in blender-2.xx/data/
make test  # runs python test located in blender-2.xx/test/


To troubleshoot python tests:  `ctest --debug` or `ctest --output-on-failure`
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