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Blender exporter for OpenSceneGraph
Python CMake Shell
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[#DEV-6759] Feature/absolute shapekeys

Follow instruction from github to get the repository

Installation (blender 2.7+)

To install last version of the exporter go in user preference, then 'Install from File' in the Add-ons tab with the zip from

Command line usage

osgexport needs to inject the path to exporter modules into PYTHONPATH. The injection is done by reading the value of the BlenderExporter environment variable (see

$ BlenderExporter="/path-to-osgexport/blender-2.5/exporter" \
    blender -b "input.blend" \
    -P "${BlenderExporter}/osg/" \
    -- --output="output.osgt" \
    [--apply-modifiers] [--enable-animation] [--json-materials] [--enable-animation] \
    [--bake-all] [--bake-quaternions]

How to report a bug

Open an issue and send a minimal blender file that produce the problem.


To run tests:

mkdir tests && cd tests
cmake ../ -DBLENDER:FILEPATH="/my/path/to/blender" -DTEST=ON
make  # runs test building osgt files for models in blender-2.xx/data/
make test  # runs python test located in blender-2.xx/test/

To troubleshoot python tests: ctest --debug or ctest --output-on-failure

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