@cedrozor cedrozor released this Aug 21, 2018 · 1 commit to master since this release

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fixed an ipv6 connection issue (that may occurred when checking the link-local ipv6 address)

@cedrozor cedrozor released this Aug 14, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release

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  • Resynced FreeRDP (2.0.0-dev4)
  • Hyper-V VM direct connection is now labelled "RDP over VM bus" into the login screen as a distinct host type
  • login form inputs are shown/hidden depending of the selected host type
  • added support of enhanced mode for Hyper-V VM direct connection (faster rendering and remote clipboard/printer are available) (thanks jol64)
  • added the name of the connected user into the toolbar (in addition to the connected server) when it's possible to retrieve it (standard rdp connection and non interactive logon)
  • updated documentation

@cedrozor cedrozor released this Aug 6, 2018 · 5 commits to master since this release

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  • support of Hyper-V VM direct connection (extension of the RDP protocol; doesn't require remote desktop access to be enabled on the guest VM) (thanks jol64)
  • updated documentation for usage and limitations of the Hyper-V connection
  • fixed a potential inversion of arrows and numbers keys (whatever the numlock status)
  • fixed a path issue for the myrtille PDF virtual printer (in debug build or if the printer service runs under a custom account)
  • fixed the files popup which always downloaded the first document, regardless of the selected one (regression from version 1.9.0)
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  • Resynced FreeRDP (FQDN hotfix, introduced into myrtille 1.7.0, is still active... wfreerdp need some love :/)
  • the RDP security protocol (NLA, TLS, RDP, etc.) can now be selected from the login screen (RDP for compatibility and interactive logon, or in case of NLA issue; see #116)
  • SSH terminal support (thanks Paul)
  • removed any RDP references on the gateway to make it fully protocol agnostic (support of any remote access protocol)
  • file transfer and print download can now be disabled from web config (along with remote clipboard and session sharing)
  • when sharing a remote session, guests now can't interact with it (they are just spectators)
  • included prompt for user credentials in enterprise mode
  • fixed login failure when passing domain in enterprise mode if IP is used instead of FQDN
  • fixed some css in enterprise mode (under Firefox)
  • websockets are now buffered for optimal performance on high latency / low bandwidth networks (thanks SieldP)
  • re-enabled stat button, which could help to diagnose connection issues (shows latency, bandwidth usage, etc.)
  • added a small icon on top of the screen to toggle the toolbar while connected (thanks windylea)
  • improved error messages in case of connection failure
  • some refactoring

@cedrozor cedrozor released this Jun 9, 2018 · 20 commits to master since this release

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  • reinstated the hotfix removed into version 1.9.0, forcing IP connection when using FQDN; fact is, some people still have issues even with openssl 1.1.x (unable to reproduce, may depend on a specific configuration). more details here: FreeRDP/FreeRDP#4525 (comment)
  • improved performance mitigation in case of high latency network
  • the installer no longer requires administrator rights by default (but may still needs elevation during the installation, depending on the installed component(s))
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  • resynced FreeRDP (version 2.0-RC2-dev3), now using the openssl 1.1.x architecture. Should fix any previously reported FQDN and NLA issues
  • added a pdf virtual printer; any document printed with the "Myrtille PDF" printer is downloaded to the browser and can be opened/saved/printed from there
  • pdf content is now downloaded into an hidden iframe, instead of a new tab, to prevent popup blockers to block it
  • added a client ip tracking option to prevent unauthorized accesses. configurable into web.config (thanks bigpjo)
  • cookieless sessions are now disabled by default. This lowers the risk of session stealing (by simply copying the url) but also removes the ability to have multiple connections/tabs. can still be enabled into web.config, but use at your own risk! (thanks bigpjo)
  • strengthened security to prevent session fixation attack or spoofing if cookieless sessions are enabled
  • the remote session can now be shared with a new toolbar button that generates a one time usage url. can be disabled into web.config. (thanks bigpjo)
  • a shared session now can't be disconnected by a guest. (thanks bigpjo)
  • security fixes with enterprise mode to ensure that shared sessions do not give access to owner hosts. (thanks bigpjo)
  • added an option to enterprise mode to allow hosts to be restricted to specific users (by username). (thanks bigpjo)
  • enterprise mode now have a better reporting of login failures and includes a change password dialog if the user is required to change it. (thanks bigpjo)
  • fixed issue with enterprise host create session including invalid /popup/ path in sessionURL. (thanks bigpjo)
  • the remote session is now disconnected after the browser window/tab is closed, or connection is lost, to prevent it from being left open server side. configurable into web.config (thanks bigpjo)
  • the database connection string (into bin/Myrtille.Services.exe.config) can now be configured to specify the SQLCE file location or use a standard SQL server (useful for a centralized database, with myrtille clustered). (thanks bigpjo)
  • added MFA and enterprise mode configuration steps into the installer
  • installer logs are now created into the install log folder (log/Myrtille.Setup.log)

@cedrozor cedrozor released this Apr 2, 2018 · 33 commits to master since this release

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  • enterprise mode data folder is now created by the installer (thanks hac)
  • fixed installer error 1001 regarding CERTENROLLLib.CX509PrivateKey
  • updated openssl to version 1.0.2o
  • added an error message if the remote connection fails or is closed unexpectedly

@cedrozor cedrozor released this Mar 29, 2018 · 35 commits to master since this release

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  • resynced FreeRDP with master repository (fixes the NLA issue introduced with Windows updates KB4088776, KB4088787, KB4088876, KB4088875)
  • added support for MFA (one time password and one time host session url) (thanks Paul Oliver). Refer to documentation for activation
  • added enterprise mode (AD pre-authentication and hosts list management) (thanks Paul Oliver). Refer to documentation for activation
  • in enterprise mode, the security mode for the host connection is now configurable (NLA, TLS, RDP, etc.)
  • most FreeRDP connection params are now configurable (myrtille\bin\Myrtille.Services.exe.config)
  • the remote clipboard can now be disabled, for enhanced security (myrtille\Web.config)
  • replaced client redirects by server redirects (cleaner and more friendly to proxies)
  • added more connection details to myrtille logs
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  • resynced FreeRDP with master repository; FreeRDP 2.0-RC2 milestone: https://github.com/FreeRDP/FreeRDP/milestone/8
  • FreeRDP HOTFIX: connection using FQDN is broken (either direct connection or through a connection broker redirection), using target IP instead
  • FreeRDP HOTFIX: fixed client IP resolution when using an ipv6 connection
  • updated the connection tooltip (ipv6 addresses require brackets, i.e. [::1])
  • changed the right-click button mechanism to a toggle
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  • enabled fonts smoothing
  • modified disconnect button tooltip
  • removed pipes messages size limitation
  • pipes are no longer buffered
  • added support for multiple websockets on a single remote session to allow for collaborative mode (was already supported using long-polling). To share a remote session, simply copy and share the session url (contains the session id). CAUTION! this is experimental (no access control, no presenter role, etc.)
  • enforced wfreerdp process identity on pipes access rule
  • pipes are now used in byte mode instead of message (small performance improvement)
  • remote session is now closed in case of pipes failure instead of being stuck