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###React Pirate Rrrr(React, Reflux & React-Router)

What is React Pirate

React Pirate is a boilerplate/starter kit for React/Flux Single Page Apps. It provides a starting point that follows conventions and best practices recommended by production applications.


This application uses reflux for data flow which is a simplified version of the flux architecture. The main difference being that the dispatcher being moved into the actions themselves with singleton implementations removed. This article Deconstructing ReactjJS's Flux gives a great overview of the differences between a traditional flux implementation and reflux

Directory Layout

├── /app/                       # The source code of the application
│   ├── /actions/               # Action creators that allow to trigger a dispatch to stores
│   ├── /assets/                # Static files which are copied to ./build on compile
│   ├── /components/            # React components
│   │   └── /feature/           # React components grouped together according to feature
│   │       ├── /__tests__/     # Tests associated with the given feature
│   │       ├── feature.scss    # Styling associated with the given feature
│   │       └── feature.jsx     # React specific code for a given feature
│   ├── /constants/             # Enumerations used in action creators and stores
│   ├── /stores/                # Stores contain the application state and logic
│   └── /app.jsx                # The application's main file (entry point)
├── /build/                     # The folder for compiled output
├── /config/                    # Configuration files for Webpack, Jest etc.
├── /gulp/                      # gulp tasks for the project serperated by task type
├── /node_modules/              # 3rd-party libraries and utilities
├── gulpfile.js                 # Entry point into gulp tasks
└── package.json                # The list of 3rd party libraries and utilities

Getting Started

git clone
cd react-flux-boilerplate
npm install

How to Build & Run


How to Test

Run unit tests powered by Jest with the following npm command: npm test

Heavily Influenced By:


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