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Update your code to the current API: See the refactoring guide.

Getting Started


  • Futures: request a method call (or compute a block) and get the result later
  • Linking: link actors together so they receive each other's exit messages
  • Registry: give your actors a name so other actors can find them
  • Supervisors: monitor an actor and restart it when it crashes
  • Supervision Groups: launch and supervise groups of actors (or other groups)
  • Pools: create fixed-sized pools of actors for background job processing
  • Exclusive: avoid deferring to the scheduler when waiting on other actors or system events
  • Timers: run a method after a given amount of time
  • Protocol Interaction: send and receive raw asynchronous messages between actors
  • Finite State Machines: use finite state machines to control logic
  • Notifications: publish/subscribe notifications between actors
  • Conditions: ConditionVariable-like event signaling inside of or between actors
  • Finalizers: Run methods when actors terminate to handle shutdown
  • Logging: configure Celluloid's logger to log to files or elsewhere


API Documentation