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Savings Circle

This is an example of a dApp that can be built with the Celo dAppKit. Read more about dAppKit at

A savings circle (sometimes called ROSCA in the US, or paluwagan in the Philippines) lets you pool funds with your friends to save for large purchases by paying into a pool regularly and alternating who receives the pool. For example, in a group of 12 members with a contribution of $100 per week, when it is a member's turn to receive the pool (every 12th week), they receive a lump sum of $1200.

Getting started

To get started, clone the repo and run yarn to install dependencies. Then run yarn start and follow the expo instructions to run the app. Please note that dAppKit requires node version 10 (LTS). To install it, consider using nvm: nvm install 10 && nvm use 10.

To use this dApp, you will need the Celo Wallet. Get it from You fully try the experience of a Savings Circle, you will need to make a circle with other Celo users. Find them on our discord

To run the dApp right away, you can download the Expo client for Android and go to to use the QR code on there.


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