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cloud-glang-sdk - A Go package and sample library for using the Centrify Cloud Platform API's

The sdk is broken into 3 parts:

  1. sample-app - This is a small CLI utility written in Go which runs a SQL query, meant to serve as an example to using the rest of the sdk
  2. oauth/ - The oauth package is intended to facility initial oauth token retrieval
  3. restapi/ - The restapi package includes a general purpose RestClient for calling Cloud Platform API's

SDK Functionality Includes:

  1. Utilizing OAuth2 to create client applications
  2. Sample for issuing queries to the report system
  3. General API consumption via Go


  • Requires Go 1.8 or newer
  • Clone this repository
  • Then build and run the sample app:
cd sample-app
go build
./sample-app -host -clientid --sql="select ID, DisplayName, Username, Email from User"

Note that the sample requires an OAuth2 Client application, default Application ID is "golang_sample", and scope named "all" with REST Regex of at least "redrock/query". The Application ID and scope names can be overriden on the command line. A sample template for import has been included in the sample-app/ file. See --help for more:

$ ./sample-app --help
Usage of ./sample-app:
  -appid string
    	OAuth2 Application ID (default "golang_sample")
  -clientid string
    	OAuth2 Confidential Client ID
  -clientsecret string
    	OAuth2 Confidential Client Secret (if empty, you will be prompted)
  -host string
    	Service URL, i.e. https://<tenantid>
  -scope string
    	OAuth2 Scope (default "all")
  -sql string
    	Report query to run (default "select ID, DisplayName, Username, Email from User")

Please also note that this requires Centrify Cloud Service version 17.10 or higher for related OAuth2 functionality.