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CephFS Client on Win32 based on Dokan 0.6.0


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============================================ Ceph-Dokan

CephFS Client on Win32 based on Dokan 0.6.0


This program is based on original Ceph code and modifid for Win32 Platform.

It is compiled by gcc/g++, so it is native Win32 program.

How to use

First install Dokan 0.6.0 on your Windows.

Dokan 0.6.0 support Windows XP/Vista/7/2008/8/2012.

If you use Win8 or Win2012, you need install Dokan in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

If you compile dokan yourself, you will need to sign the dokan.sys with your own cert.

Now you can use ceph-dokan on your Windows and get full speed access to CephFS without slowly Samba.

 -c CephConf  (ex. /r c:\ceph.conf)
 -l DriveLetter (ex. /l m)

Example: ceph-dokan.exe -c ceph.conf -l m

Then you will see a new Drive[M:] in your explorer.

How to compile

Download & install TDM-GCC from

Download Boost Libs in C:\boost_1_63_0

Compile boost system if you want (libboost_system-mgw51-mt-1_63.a precompiled in repo, no need to compile):

bootstrap.bat gcc

b2 toolset=gcc --with-system

Then you will get libboost_system-mgw51-mt-1_63.a in stage\lib of your boost directory.

Git clone the ceph-dokan, open cmd and cd ceph-dokan code directory, just input the command 'mingw32-make', after serval minutes you will get ceph-dokan.exe and libcephfs.dll.


Ceph-Dokan will get continuous improvement and upgrade with upstream Ceph code.


CephFS Client on Win32 based on Dokan 0.6.0







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