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js-ceramic is a monorepo containing the TypeScript implementation of the Ceramic protocol. If you are unfamiliar with Ceramic, see the website or overview for more information.

Project status: Access the Ceramic mainnet. 🚀
With the launch of ComposeDB Beta, it is now much easier to access Ceramic mainnet for building applications. Developers can now onboard their node to Ceramic mainnet in under 5 minutes without needing to contact any community members. Check out this guide to learn more.


js-ceramic provides three JavaScript clients that offer different ways to interact with the Ceramic network.

Client Package Description Current Version
Core @ceramicnetwork/core Full JavaScript protocol implementation npm
CLI @ceramicnetwork/cli CLI and HTTP daemon npm
HTTP @ceramicnetwork/http-client HTTP client that can interact with a remote Ceramic daemon npm

For performance reasons it is recommended that you use the HTTP client if you are building an application.

Installation and usage

Full protocol documentation can be found on the Ceramic documentation site →.

Quickstart to run a ceramic node


Upgrade a ceramic node to latest version



We are happy to accept small and large contributions, feel free to make a suggestion or submit a pull request.

Check out the Development section to learn how to navigate the code in this repo.



Fully open source and dual-licensed under MIT and Apache 2.