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This wallet is recommended if you are upgrading anyways. THIS IS MANDATORY FOR POOLS this is because this wallet will alway for the governance system to work// start. Everything will work the pools will just start payments
When we enable super blocks.

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Cerberus Core version is now available from:


Release is an optional but recommended update to 0.12.2. It contains new checkpoints and new DNS boot nodes to improve initial blockchain synchronisation.

It now contains zoldur's script to install Linux VPS masternode (README). Run the following commands on a fresh ubuntu 16.04 system and follow directions to install:

wget -N https://github.com/cerberus-ng/cerberus/raw/
sudo bash mn-install.sh

If you already have a Linux masternode running, there is an update script. Run the following commands to upgrade your existing node:

wget -N https://github.com/cerberus-ng/cerberus/releases/download/
sudo bash mn-migrate.sh

MD5 checksums:

MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-RPi2.tar.gz) = b45b0d7856f5c939993cb192af573ca4
MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-linux32.tar.gz) = 8099fcd902e8e44b6c3792110e8b4fca
MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-linux64.tar.gz) = 27294498699465578db2dc9e0c9cf7ba
MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-osx.dmg) = cd6b2719f2fdf9483214fc4ace51e742
MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-win32-setup.exe) = e01fb826918981e638abb89b90fe30bd
MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-win32.zip) = eb9334611807ef6a44b269d49dc4ac57
MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-win64-setup.exe) = f4d15f74aa8dcf22a21d9deee7f87fa1
MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-win64.zip) = 9dc2f552a4025f093675086de729edec

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Cerberus 0.12.2

Cerberus Core version 0.12.2 is now available from:


Release 0.12.2 is a first published community-based build which forks the original coin.
It includes a series of patches to make this coin great again, including rebranding,
new boot nodes, new repository, fix for sync issues and many others.

Original site: http://cerberuscoin.com

Cerberus-NG (new generation) sites:

MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-RPi2.tar.gz) = 88cf052ba03193327ab68c3bcf61ee88
MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-linux32.tar.gz) = 60100ca8901f97e305a204d7466568d5
MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-linux64.tar.gz) = 8d48e463e9bdf03355bd7d30f649d1a0
MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-osx.dmg) = c473351dcdb8f7091a9cba4aec072892
MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-win32-setup.exe) = 5cd736874b85877bbd48ef2acdb73846
MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-win32.zip) = a5e72ba7bb9d8a8be59e2d46b3a03051
MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-win64-setup.exe) = 5c98214b1d9052dad46ff661910ce191
MD5 (cerberuscore-0.12.2-win64.zip) = e52f9d515e107e33cb9eb11b87c69e9e