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thalisvilela opened this Issue Apr 2, 2012 · 3 comments


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The ResourceController objects can only access it's default resourceUrl (resourceType object's resourceUrl) only if the resourceType object is created, don't work if its just extended, otherwise, i have to define it manualy in the ResourceController object. Its the intended behavior?


dgeb commented Apr 2, 2012

No, that seems to be a bug. There's a test for the expected behavior, but I can only reproduce the problem when I run the test in isolation (which makes sense, given the nature of the bug).

Thanks for reporting this.


dgeb commented Apr 3, 2012

@thalisvilela I just fixed this in v0.1.1. The ResourceController will now retrieve retrieve resourceUrl from an associated resourceType, regardless of whether a resource of that type has been instantiated yet.

dgeb closed this Apr 3, 2012

Thank you very much! I'll fork it right now!

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