RSA SecurID-compatible software token for Android
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Easy Token

Easy Token is an RSA SecurID-compatible software authenticator for Android with advanced usability features:

  • Convenient lock screen and home screen widgets provide instant tokencodes without navigating to an app.
  • Optionally save your PIN.
  • Supports SDTID files, importing tokens from email, and QR tokens.
  • 100% open source:


Official releases are posted in the XDA thread and on Google Play.

No registration is required to download from XDA.


To report issues, please email the author at or post in the XDA thread.


screenshot-0  screenshot-1

screenshot-2  screenshot-3

Building from source

On the host side you'll need to install:

  • NDK r10d, nominally under /opt/android-ndk-r10d
  • Host-side gcc, make, etc. (Red Hat "Development Tools" group or Debian build-essential)
  • git, autoconf, automake, and libtool
  • Android SDK in your $PATH (both platform-tools/ and tools/ directories)
  • javac 1.6 and a recent version of Apache ant
  • Use the Android SDK Manager to install API 19

First, clone the source trees:

git clone git://
cd EasyToken
git submodule update --init

Then build the binary components (libs/ directory):

make -C external NDK=/opt/android-ndk-r10d

Then build the Java components:

android update project -p .
ant debug

Build logs can be found on this project's Travis CI page.

Security considerations

Please use Easy Token responsibly and avoid taking unnecessary risks with sensitive data. All software tokens are at risk of theft by malware; for high-security applications a hardware token is strongly preferred.

Saving your PIN is convenient, but can be risky if your device is stolen.

If you use the lock screen widget, your tokencode is available to anybody with access to your phone (even if they cannot unlock it). For this case, you may want to ask your system administrator to issue a 6-digit PIN-less software token, which will require you to enter PIN + TOKENCODE when logging in, instead of just a tokencode.