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Fortran Utilities

Various Fortran utilities, that can be included into any Fortran program.

The modules are mostly independent of each other. Simply copy any modules that you need into your project. Tests are in the tests directory, you can look there for examples of usage.


All code is MIT licensed.


Main features:

  • Types (dp)
  • Constants (pi, e_, i_)
  • Sorting
  • Saving/loading 2D arrays (savetxt, loadtxt)
  • Meshes (exponential, uniform)
  • Cubic splines
  • Saving/loading PPM images
  • Lapack interface (and a few simple f90 wrappers like eigh, inv)
  • HDF5 interface


The modules utils and ppm in utils.f90 and ppm.f90 use the newunit option to open(). This option is part of Fortran 2008 and requires at least gfortran 4.5 to compile.


See the AUTHORS file.