genki-2000 testnet
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Welcome to the genki-2000 testnet!

Read the chronicles of its birth:

Forum thread:

You can use your GoS accounts to bond on genki-2000.

Community seed nodes:

  • c315ea17a96f2d2a192e4adc62ee4d5e160f33d0@
  • 9197964b5fa12e8804ffc5b755d69d48b6362802@
  • 6b79d45902386fcdb1ea977bcaee42529cecca99@
  • 31d4e17935ced11d83686716077517b40950e45a@
  • c14a81c8b363b2885cab098e3390921bbc4b0b63@
  • afffb2d11f03975c9fa3f6442aee9d095d1c0144@

Download the genesis file and reset your node:

cd .gaiad/config
gaiad unsafe-reset-all
wget -O genesis.json