A Delphi component for matrix printing using device's native commands
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A Delphi component for matrix printing using device’s native commands.

With this component, you can print in matrix printers using draft mode – high speed.

You can use it to fill easily documents like orders, invoices and others that are previous made in off-set.

Delphi and platform compatibility

This component was tested on Delphi XE. I think it’ll run withiout problem in above versions.

It’s running just under Microsoft Windows.

How to Install

See here in the wiki’s project.


We encourage you to contribute to RSPrint!

1. Fork it
2. Create your feature branch (`git checkout -b my-new-feature`)
3. Commit your changes (`git commit -am ‘Add some feature’`)
4. Push to the branch (`git push origin my-new-feature`)
5. Create new Pull Request

About original RSPrint

A variety of versions of this component can be found on Internet.

Unfortunately there isn’t (or there wasn’t) an official repository to it. And it was very dificult to discover who was the original author.

So, I found Mr. Saverio Vertoni who told me that was the author. I told him about my plans of maintaining the project and he donated me the source.

The original source-code can be found here in the v2.0.0.original tag.


RSPrint is released under the MIT License.