Converts PNG images into a beautiful SVG vector graphic. Specially suited for small bitmaps / sprite images.
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This is a small project that converts a PNG file into an SVG image. For each pixel in the PNG we generate a square in the SVG canvas colored with the same color of the pixel and a border with a color which is slighly lighter. At the bottom of the image a palette is also created to show all the different colors used in the bitmap. It is designed to take a small bitmap and generate a large SVG representation of it.

To see what it does look here:

About the script

The script is short and written in PHP. It takes a single argument which must be a PNG file and outputs to standard out an SVG image. If I want to convert the file mario.png to SVG all I need to do is:

$ php png2svg.php mario.png > mario.svg

You can open the resulting image with Inkscape. The sample output looks like this:

Sample output

The only requirement is that PHP must be compiled with GD support.