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Screencast Capture Lite

Screencast Capture Lite is a tool for recording the desktop screen and saving it to a video file, preserving quality as much as possible. However, this does not mean it produces gigantic files which take a long time to be uploaded to the web. The application encodes everything using solely H624 in an almost lossless setting.

Screencast capture lite

To check the quality of the encoding, please be sure to leave Youtube quality settings on HD (720p).

The application currently supports recording from the primary screen, from a chosen window or from a fixed region. There are few options to configure encoding at this time, mostly on purpose to keep things simple.

The software stores videos on the My Videos directory and allows the user to browse them directly from within the application. The software has just been released, so it is expected to have a few bugs. If you wish, please leave any issues you encounter at the project issue tracker.

Build your own applications

Screencast Capture Lite is also a live demonstration of the Accord.NET Framework in a real-world application.

Have you found this software useful? Consider donating US$10 so it can get even better! This software is completely free and will always stay free. Enjoy!

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