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Empathic Code

This is my repository for my presentation about Empathic Code. Empathic Code is my way of combining Psychology with Computer Science. Human factors can determine what code looks like (such as stress or personal problems). Therefore one should be empathic while coding. A major part of being empathic is to try to achieve a good ratio between accommodation and assimilation.

A good point to start is to remove weasel words in code. Weasel words are class- and variable names such as the names of design patterns that dilute the meaning of what the code does and how everything fits together. I wrote an article about weasel words in THE German .NET magazine dotnetpro that many people liked!


There are only few examples of programs written using empathic code principles and practices with strict boundaries, such as

  • Signature Survey in Python
  • Intent.js, together with @goloroden

    Most of the developed code resides on the harddrives of the companies that I have been working for in the past. Natuarlly I can't show them around. If you have implemented something that you think is worth mentioning here - feel free to message me!

See my blog for some updates:


I gave this presentation at the following occasions:


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