OpenGL in Ceylon with JOGL
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OpenGL in Ceylon with JOGL

This small example demonstrates how to use OpenGL in Ceylon courtesy of JOGL.


Ceylon 1.3.3 or Ceylon IDE 1.3.3 is required to compile and run this example. On the command line you can use the provided ceylonb command if you don't have Ceylon already installed.

Compiling and running

Compile and run the example with ceylon or ceylonb:

./ceylonb run

Alternatively, simply import the project into Ceylon IDE and run it from within the IDE.

Assembling a fat jar

Assemble a "fat" jar containing the example module with all its dependencies with ceylon or ceylonb:

./ceylonb fat-jar joggly

Now, run the fat jar using java:

java -jar joggly-1.0.0.jar

Packaging a Ceylon assembly archive

Package the example module as a .cas assembly archive using ceylon or ceylonb:

./ceylonb assemble joggly

And then run it using ceylon or ceylonb:

./ceylonb run -a joggly-1.0.0.cas