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JSDownloader provides a simple way to download various JavaScript libraries into your project. It does this by providing direct links to various JavaScript libraries and a quick link to download.

Currently JSDownloader supports a limited set of libraries. It sources its data from a file called jsdownloader_index.json.

ToDo: Write the docs for the jsdownloader_index.json file.


[3/30/2015] Modernizr added. Alpha sorted libraries. Cleaned up libraries a bit. Also improved the logic to get parent folder.

[11/24/2014] Ok, so I've made changes to the core so that the index is not loaded locally, but my from my own S3 server. This means that I don't have to increment the package and republish on index changes. I just need to accept PRs and then FTP the change to S3.

[11/24/2014] Update by GalawynRM (library update) [11/23/2014] Update by pietrondo (library update) [11/13/2014] Update by GalawynRM (library update)

[10/3/2014] Update by tobipch. Updates libraries and mods display a bit. Details: https://github.com/cfjedimaster/brackets-jsdownloader/pull/22

[8/5/2014] Phaser lig changed. Thanks to @OttoRobba

[7/30/2014] Phaser added. Thanks to @OttoRobba

[7/9/2014] Updates:

---NEW--- BackboneJS 1.1.2 Bootstrap 3.2.0 CSS Bootstrap 3.2.0 JS KnockoutJS 3.1.0

---UPDATED--- Underscore 1.5.2 -> 1.6.0 PrototypeJS 1.7.1 (dev) -> 1.7.2 Lo-Dash 2.3.0 (dev) -> 2.4.1 Raphaël 2.1.2 (dev) -> 2.1.2

Thanks to https://github.com/tobipch

[5/9/2014] Update to jquery 2 and jquery mobile by @denisov21 [5/9/2014] Update to jquery lib by @denisov21

[5/9/2014] Update to lungojs and quojs by @matheusrocha89

[2/7/2014] Remove tree refresh since Sprint 36 fixed it. Fixed bugs in the json data file. Switched to the non-runtime version of Handlebars.

[1/22/2013] Handlebars 1.3.0 update

[12/20/2013] Added LungoJS and QuoJS libs (pull request by matheusrocha89)

[12/2/2013] Removed NativeFileSystem from main as I wasn't using it. Also removed a large commented out block.

[11/28/2013] Lower cache (one minute), fix Zepto.js data

[11/24/2013] Updates from clouddueling to add more libraries.

[11/23/2013] Pull from hayatoShingu to add more libraries. NOTE - I have not done the file system API updates yet. Will do so soon.

[9/30/2013] Pull from bibz: The initial URL was to the latest stable release. It now points to the tagged version library.

[9/27/2013] Pull in a Matt Gifford request to add right click context support. Added https support.

[9/27/2013] Removed some console.logs and fixed the cache. It is much smaller though since it is a local file read.

[9/22/2013] JSD has been updated to connect to a Node app in the back end. This enables it to now handle binary transfers. JSD also supports libraries with multiple files now (see the JQM one).

[5/24/2013] Support for package.json

[4/22/2013] Initial Release