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The redesign of the website. This Django project includes the front-end assets and build tools, Jinja templates for front-end rendering, and Wagtail CMS for content administration.

Screenshot of cfgov-refresh


Full installation and usage instructions, including those for an alternative Docker-based local setup, are available in our documentation.

This project requires Python 2.7, Node 8, and Gulp 4. We recommend the use of virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper.

Clone the repository:

git clone

Create a virtual environment for Python dependencies:

cd cfgov-refresh
mkvirtualenv --python=python2.7 cfgov-refresh

Create and load initial environment settings:

cp -a .env_SAMPLE .env
source .env

Install third-party dependencies and build frontend assets:


Create a local database and add some basic pages:


Start your local Django server:


Your site will be available locally at http://localhost:8000.

The site admin will be available at http://localhost:8000/admin/, using login admin / admin.


Full documentation for this project is available in the docs directory and online.

If you would like to browse the documentation locally, you can do so with mkdocs:

pip install -r requirements/manual.txt
mkdocs serve

Documentation will be available locally at http://localhost:8000.

Getting help

Use the issue tracker to follow the development conversation. If you find a bug not listed in the issue tracker, please file a bug report.

Getting involved

We welcome your feedback and contributions. See the contribution guidelines for more details.

Additionally, you may want to consider contributing to the Capital Framework, which is the front-end pattern library used in this project.

Open source licensing info

  1. TERMS
  3. CFPB Source Code Policy

Credits and references

This project uses the Capital Framework for its user interface and layout components.