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This repository contains flashcards to prepare for Cloud Certification exams.

I started with the Architect one so that's the one in the first release. I will probably get a certification in the development track and I plan to create flashcards for that one as well.


  1. I use Anki Flashcards. They work great on web, desktop and mobile, and with an (optional and free) account all devices sync automatically both in content and in progress.

  2. Questions may be obsolete. This is most likely true at all times, so when preparing you should always look up the answer in the documentation and update the corresponding flashcard. Or you can just open an issue here and I'll correct mine and release a new version. Unfortunately since Anki files are binary (well, there's zip files) pull requests probably won't work.

  3. Answers might be wrong. In fact, some of them might have always been wrong! I mean completely wrong, not just a bit. Some of the questions supposedly from past exams came to with ridiculous answers. Do your own sanity check.

  4. Some questions are not from the exam or from any preparation course, but they were useful to me when preparing because they covered important generic concepts I didn't remember.

  5. Learning the answer to all these questions, even assuming the answers in the flashcards are correct is a sure way to fail. First, because the exam questions change often. Second, because the exam answers change often. It's also a waste of time.

  6. Online courses such as Coursera's or Pluralsight's are really useful.

  7. If you own the rights to any question (I don't know if that's possible) and you really want me to remove it from the deck just in get touch. I know I just took some screenshots here and there.

Good luck!


Flashcards to help prepare for Google Certification exams. Currently just architect.






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