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Code for ICML 2019 paper "Simple Black-box Adversarial Attacks"
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This repository contains code for the ICML 2019 paper:

Chuan Guo, Jacob R. Gardner, Yurong You, Andrew G. Wilson, Kilian Q. Weinberger. Simple Black-box Adversarial Attacks.

Our code uses PyTorch (pytorch >= 0.4.1, torchvision >= 0.2.1) with CUDA 9.0 and Python 3.5. The script contains code to run SimBA and SimBA-DCT with various options.

To run SimBA (pixel attack):

python --data_root <imagenet_root> --num_iters 10000 --pixel_attack  --freq_dims 224

To run SimBA-DCT (low frequency attack):

python --data_root <imagenet_root> --num_iters 10000 --freq_dims 28 --order strided --stride 7

For targeted attack, add flag --targeted and change --num_iters to 30000.

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