rust cli app for managing sites blocked via the hosts file
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Simple terminal interface for blocking websites via the /etc/hosts file.

Hostblock demo

When you unblock or a remove a domain you'll be asked to enter a mildly annoying random passphrase to give you a chance to reconsider if you really want to go read reddit.

Must be run as sudo as it needs to write to /etc/hosts.


  • i - add a new domain
  • j/k - down, up
  • J/K - goto bottom, goto top
  • d - delete selected
  • space - toggle whether or not selected domain is blocked
  • q - Quit current mode, quits app if in normal mode.
  • h - View help.


Linux x86_64 binary

If you're on linux on an x86_64 processor you can download a binary release here:

The binary is fully statically linked against musl-libc, so it should work on any distro.

Building from source

You'll need to have rustc and cargo installed, you can download them here: Note that cargo is bundled with rust.

- clone repo
- run `cargo build --release`
- sudo ./target/release/hostblock

You should probably move the binary to somewhere on your path.