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c:geo website

This repository contains the website of c:geo. If you are looking for the source code of the c:geo app, please visit instead.

How to install and run

This site uses Jekyll. In order to test it locally you need a working Ruby environment. See this guide for how to install Ruby on your machine.

Once Ruby is working, install bundler for dependency management.

$ gem install bundler

Then you can cd into the clone of this repository and run bundle install to install all necessary dependencies.

Now you can compile the source and start a local webserver:

$ bundle exec jekyll serve

The site is available at http://localhost:4000.

As there might be changes in the dependencies and development in Jekyll you should run bundle update once in a while to update everything.

Editing the FAQ

The FAQ is located in _data/faq.yml. As you can see this is a YAML file. You do not need to understand the complete syntax, just keep the indentation as it is.

Each FAQ entry uses Markdown (with kramdown extensions) for its content.

Enable a warning

You can enable a warning by adding content to _includes/ (Markdown syntax). It will be shown on the index page (currently only a single, red warning block).

To disable the warning again, insert WARNING_DISABLED somewhere in _includes/


Repository for hosting the FAQ and homepage of c:geo. This is **NOT** the right place to report bugs against the app.



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