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Integer extensions for generating arrays of ages.

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Agery is a set of extensions to Ruby's Integer class to assist developers in generating arrays of ages. It's similar to ActiveSupport's extensions for calculating bytes (1.megabyte) or durations (3.days). It's designed to help generate data used when pricing is dependent upon age.

For example, a movie ticket may cost $13.99 for an adult, $4.99 for a young child, $7.99 for a senior citizen, and free for infants. Also the movie may be rated for mature audiences and not permit teenagers without an adult.

Since the primary use case is for pricing calculations, adults are treated as an undefined age (-1) which would correspond to the most expensive price. Also children default to 0 to ensure they will trigger the least expensive price.

Examples #=> [-1]
3.teenagers #=> [13, 13, 13]
2.infants #=> [0, 0]
0.children #=> []
2.seniors #=> [65, 65]
2.adults + 1.child #=> [-1, -1, 0]
1.over_21 #=> [21]
2.under_18 #=> [17, 17]


You can override Agery's concept of the age of an adult, infant, child, teenager, and senior by setting the Agery accessor of the same name. = 18
2.adults #=> [18, 18]


$ gem install agery

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