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Open Source parts to replace broken or damaged pieces on your existing EON Dashcam DevKit from
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OpenFrEON 2.0

This project is for the purpose of creating a device similar to's EON DevKit.

If you don't already have an EON DevKit, you can buy one here:

Note: These components are designed to fit the dimensions the One Plus 3T smartphone. Other devices will not be compatible.

FrEON2.0 Front FrEON2.0 Back

Printable—Included Parts

  • FrEON2.stl (All parts for standard FrEON 2.0)

  • FrEON2EM.stl (All parts for FrEON 2.0 modded for 140mm heatsink


  • FrEON2-Left.stl

  • FrEON2-Right.stl

  • FrEON2-FanDuct.stl

  • FrEON2-BottomClip.stl

FrEON2EM-Components (for 140mm heatsink)

  • FrEON2-Left.stl

  • FrEON2-Right.stl

  • FrEON2-BottomClip.stl


  • includes FrEON mounts from 20-40 degrees in increments of 2 degrees.

Non-Printable Parts & Hardware


If you have any questions regarding development or issues with the current design, find me on Discord @Chase

Help fund this project and future projects by donating via paypal:

Or support me on patreon:

Support and myself by buying an EON using my affiliate link:

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