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a jQuery banner plugin to be used as a Rotator, Gallery, Step Navigation, etc.
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A javascript banner rotator built on jQuery with extensive features and expandability.


  • Flexible enough to use as a rotator, gallery, slideshow and more.
  • Can be used as a jQuery object or instance of $.Rotator() for full API control.
  • Generates a navigation to switch between slides.
  • Allows transitions to be added or overwritten. Already includes swipe, fade, and push.
  • Has events for calling custom functions onLoad, onStart, onStop, onChange, onClick and onNavClick
  • Many config options allow extreme flexibility without modifying core code.


Documentation is available online at or here in /docs/ of the repo

Please view the documentation for changelog, planned future enhancements and some examples.


Rotator.js requires jQuery v1.4.3+ to run. To add on to Rotator.js you will need to understand DOM structure, JavaScript, and CSS positioning to create some tricky transitions or event based modifications.


Rotator.js is released under the MIT License by cmfolio &

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